Barton Marina on a sunny Saturday

On a recent sunny and very windy Saturday we decided to hop foot it to Barton Marina for our first ever visit.  The marina boasts eateries, shops, fishing facilities, and plenty of places for long walks.  We really enjoyed our trip, and not just because of the amazing ice-cream!


bar boats geece icecream lake lake_2Have you ever visited Barton Marina? What are your favourite types of place to visit for family days out?


A day in the life #1

I love reading day in the life posts, so thought I would give writing my own a go.  This was a typical Monday for me at the moment.

6:15am – Belle woke up and I gave her a milk feed

6:45am – We went downstairs, Belle played whilst I got breakfast ready and put a load of washing on

7:15am – We had breakfast

7:45am – Belle watched me hang the washing out and played

8:45am – I put Belle down for a nap. This seemed ridiculously early for a nap, but she had been awake for at least 2.5hrs by this point!  Whilst B was napping I did some housework, got ready for the day and did some prep. for dinner (yes I know this seems really early to start getting dinner ready but I was trying to plan ahead as I knew we would be out all afternoon)

10:40am – B woke up and had a milk feed and then I got her dressed


Her long sleeved vest and trousers were from M&S (no longer available), socks are from Next and her lovely bow was from H&M.

11:15am – I hung another load of washing out and then we played

11:50am – Our weekly Ocado order arrived

12:00pm – We had lunch with James

12:50am – Belle and I set of for playgroup, I decided to walk as it was such a lovely day

1:00pm – We popped into Tesco on the way as I had forgotten to order James breakfast cereal with the weekly shop (#housewifefail)

1:30pm – Playgroup started! I am trying to take Belle to more playgroups at the moment as she is very clingy and gets quite anxious in unfamiliar situations.  As she will be starting nursery in a few months I want to help her to overcome this.

3:00pm – Playgroup finishes and we have a lovely walk home, Belle has a little snooze

3:30pm – I bring the pram in with me to let Belle sleep a little longer and I finally get to sit down!

3:45pm- Belle wakes up! At least I got 15mins downtime.  I give her a milk feed

4:30pm – Belle plays and I have a little snack

5:00pm – I start preparing dinner, Belle sits in her highchair and watches me, and we have a little sing and dance along to the radio.  I think she likes my singing as she claps along!!

5:30pm – We all sit down for dinner together

6:00pm – James and Belle watch ‘In the Night Garden’ together whilst I clean up the aftermath of dinner

6:15pm – Belle has half of her bedtime milk and then we read a few books

6:20pm – Bath time!

6:30pm – Belle has the other half of her bedtime milk.  Tonight she fell asleep whilst feeding which I have been trying to avoid as I think it is important for her to learn how to fall asleep by herself.  We had such a tough time getting her to sleep the night before however that I just let her!

7:00pm – James and I sit down together, watch Game of Thrones and eat ice-cream

8:00pm  – I start to write this blog post!

9:00pm – I get ready for bed, then watch a few YouTube videos before going to sleep

That was my day!  I know it may not seem like stay at home mums actually do very much, but as you can see my day was quite jam packed! I love days like this though, I feel accomplished when I manage to get some laundry and housework done, and I love seeing Isabelle enjoying herself at playgroup, she is changing so much at the moment and is really interested in what other people are doing; she is really quite nosey (like her Mummy!).



Isabelle’s 9 month update

front_and_backBow: Amazon | T-shirt: Next | Shorts: Primark | Socks: H&M

I know everyone says it, but I literally cannot believe how fast time has gone since Isabelle was born.  The last 9 months have undoubtedly been the hardest and most rewarding of my life.  I always knew that having a baby would change my life, but absolutely nothing can prepare you for just how much!  Isabelle is changing so much now, and is learning new skills everyday.  She really is a joy to be around.


I am a naughty Mummy and I have not had Belle weighed for a fair few weeks!  The last time I had her weighed she was 15lbs 11oz and following her curve on the growth chart perfectly (between the 9th and the 25th percentile)


Isabelle can sit unaided, and is showing signs of really wanting to crawl. Her desire to chase after the cat has a lot to do with this I suspect. Belle will stand up against the sofa and hold on for a short time before falling back onto her bottom.  She is a little chatterbox, I am so impressed with the range of noises she makes. She uses her tongue a lot and makes noises such as ‘golly golly golly’ as well as the more usual ‘da da da’ and ‘ga ga ga’. I wish I had recorded the exact phonetics I have heard her use, I will start to do that from this point forward.


After a very slow start, Belle is really starting to enjoy her food now which pleases me no end! For breakfast she will have something like an Ella’s Kitchen breakfast pouch, toast, drop scones, fruit or yoghurt. Lunch is normally a sandwich, rice cakes, salad bits or either an Ella’s Kitchen pouch or a HIPP Organic jar.  I will normally give her a yoghurt after lunch.  We eat together as a family in the evening, so Isabelle will have a little of what we have, some of her current favourites are sausages, potato wedges, sweet potato, chicken, broccoli, ratatouille and pasta.  I tend to give her some puréed fruit after dinner along with her liquid vitamins.  Isabelle loves water and drinks quite a lot throughout the day.


We are going through what I suspect is the 9 month sleep regression at the moment, coupled with some seperation anxiety issues (I have Googled this a lot). Isabelle was going to sleep on her own any time between 6:30pm and 7:30pm and sleeping through until 6:30am.  At the moment Isabelle will not go to sleep unless either me or James are sat next to her cot, she is occasionally waking during the night, before waking at any time between 5:30am and 6:30am.  I am not complaining about this, I know that her sleeping is excellent compared to some babies of her age.

I should add that I night weaned Isabelle when she was approximately 7 months old, using techniques set out by Andrea Grace.

Day time naps are totally random.  Some days she will take a longer nap in the morning, and a shorter one in the afternoon, some days it is the reverse.  Some days she takes three smaller naps, some days two small naps.  I think her naps have got even more random since I have been trying more activities with her , but my belief is that day time naps should not rule your day and stop you from taking park in activities with your baby, unless of course, lack of sleep is causing your baby discomfort.

Favourite things

Mummy and Daddy! Seriously, Isabelle is really clingy at the moment.  We have to tag team looking after her when one of use needs the toilet!

Isabelle loves books and being read to.  I often come into the room to find her playing with her books, turning the pages and chatting away to herself. Her favourite TV programmes are ‘In the Night Garden’, ‘Sooty’, and ‘Thomas and Friends’.  Is it bad that she has ‘favourite TV programmes’ at only 9 months old?!  She only watches them for 30 minutes or so before bed so I do not feel too guilty about this!

Belle is obsessed with both mobile phones and TV remote controls.  This does make me feel a little guilty as I am presuming that she likes playing with them as she see’s me using them a fair bit!  I am going to make a concious effort not to use my phone too much in front of her from now on.

Fashion Friday #2 [Isabelle]


I always try to stay away from dressing Isabelle in too much pink.  It is not that I dislike pink, I just think that there are so many wonderful clothes available in such lovely colours, so why restrict yourself to one colour?!

Today we went for a red and blue themed outfit.  Isabelle’s dress and tights are both from F&F at Tesco.  Her bow is from Amazon and her cardigan is from Gap.  You might notice that I like to put little bows on Isabelle.  I know that it is not to everyone’s taste, but I think she looks really cute and I am making the most of using them before she starts to pull them off!

What colours do you like to dress your baby in?

Fashion Friday #1 [Isabelle]

My daughter has a better wardrobe than me and she is only 9 months old…how depressing is that?!  In fact I do not really even have a wardrobe, more like an array of different coloured well worn sacks that I choose from each morning.

I have my Mum to thank for most of Isabelle’s clothes, she really does spoil her!  This is one of her latest purchases, and I LOVE it, it is perfect for Summer.  We were promised high temperatures today so I broke it out for the first time.

The romper suit is from John Lewis, and the cardigan was from F&F at Tesco a while ago but you can find a similar design here.  I always worry about romper legs being too tight, but this one has a lot of elasticity so is perfect.  I am obsessed with Isabelle’s arms and legs, they are just so cute, so I know I am going to be dressing her in this at every opportunity!