26 weeks pregnant [baby #2]


How far along: 26 weeks

Gender: We are team yellow, and already SO EXCITED to find out what baby will be!

Maternity clothes: Yes for all bottoms, but I can get away with loose fitting tops and PJ’s instead of maternity tops and pyjamas.

Sleep: Sleep is OK, but I am getting to that stage where I wake up every time I need to turn over as it takes so much effort!  I do have a ‘V’ shaped pillow which helps – I do not think I could sleep without it.  I also need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night almost every night which is annoying.

Best moment this week:  Spending a lovely day with my family and parents this weekend.  On Sunday we went to the park first thing (it was freezing), for a pub lunch and then relaxed in the afternoon – it was just a lovely day.

Movement:  I have felt some proper rolls this week, as opposed to kicks and punches.  Rolls feel so surreal, I love it!

Appointments:   I have not had any appointments this week, my next midwife appointment is my 28 week one.

Looking forward to:  Ordering some baby things!  We have not bought anything really, so I think the time has come.  As I mentioned in my Things to Buy post we have a lot of things already, but some new bits would be really nice!  I think I am going to get some of the Gro-Snugs from GroBag as they look really good, a  grobag and a swaddle in one!

Have you tried the gro-snugs? Do you rate them?


Current make-up favourites



Bases – I used to like heavy bases, my favourite was ‘Estee Lauders Double Wear’.  But since getting a little older my skin has become drier and so I now tend to lean towards lighter more glowy bases.  I really like highstreet brands for bases and my favourites at the moment are the ‘Loreal Infallible 24h-Matte’ and ‘Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream’.

Concealer – I use concealer every makeup day, whether it be to cover my dark (sleep deprived) eye circles, or spots (how am I 31 and still getting spots?!).  I bought the ‘Makeup Forever Full Cover’ concealer in Barcelona Sephora.  It felt very expensive at the time, but it has lasted ages.   I really like it, it matches my skin colour brilliantly and stays put all day, it is even waterproof!! And exciting news is that people in the UK can now get Makeup Forever products from Debenhams.

Powder – As with bases, I used to lean towards very matte powders like ‘Rimmel Stay Mattee’, but over the last year or so I have realised that lighter, more dewy powders are actually quite flattering on my skin.  I bought the ‘Bourjois Poudre de Riz’ on a whim, and I love it!  It actually looks quite sparkly in the tub but once on the skin it just leaves a lovely subtle glow.

Bronzer – I never used to bronze up my skin, but again over the last few years I have come to realise that a little but of colour really suits my face and makes me look a little more alive.  I like bronzers that are not too red in colour, but that are still warm.  I find that ‘Benefit Hoola’ fits the bill perfectly.  It is very intense though so I have to be very careful and use a light hand!

Brows – I think my eye brows get more sparse every day.  I keep meaning to get HD Brows done but I never get around to it!  In the meantime I am using the little brow kit ‘Soap and Glory Archery D-I-Y  Brow Bar’.  It contains a highlight shade, a wax, two brow colours and some cute little brushes.  I am not going to lie, I only use the brow shades, the other products are relatively untouched.  But the shades are really good!  Not orangey at all, and stay in place all day with a little bit of brow gel.

Mascaras –  Again, as a rule, I tend to go for highstreet brand mascaras as I really do not think that high end ones are any better!  At the moment I am using the ‘Loreal Lash Architect’ mascara and I really like it.  It has a fibre brush which I tend to prefer over plastic ones.  For my bottom lashes I use ‘Clinique Bottom Lash’.  It has a tiny little wand and does not budge all day.

Eyeliners – I like to line my upper waterline as I think it makes my lashes look a lot fuller.  My eyeliners of choice at the moment are ‘Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil’ in the shade Perversion, and the ‘Zoeva Graphic Eyes’ in the shade New Glance.  These are both great pencils, and the Zoeva one is really cheap!!

Blusher – I bought this ‘Nars’ blusher in Orgasm years ago.  As you can see it is very well loved!  It is a lovely colour that brings a nice sheen to the cheek.

And there you have it, my current make-up favourites!

What are your favourites?  Have you ever had HD Brows done?



25 weeks pregnant [baby #2]


How far along: 25 weeks

Gender: We are team yellow!

Maternity clothes: Yes for all bottoms, but I can get away with loose fitting tops instead of maternity tops.

Sleep: Sleep is OK, I just wish that I felt refreshed after sleep.  Even when I have had a good nights sleep, I wake up tired!  I have also developed a bit of a cold which means a stuffy nose and struggling to breathe when I am lying down.

Best moment this week:  Isabelle attended her first birthday party on Saturday, for a little girl that she goes to nursery with.  It was so cute!  Whilst all of the children were playing and making lots of noise, bump was kicking away – trying to join in!  It made me really happy to think that baby can still join in with things even though they have not been born yet!

Movement:  Movement has been a little bit random this week.  Some days baby will be moving lots, whilst other days I have to really concentrate to feel them.  I do think that the days when I do not feel baby move as much correspond to my busy days when I am constantly on the go so I am trying not to stress about it too much.

Appointments:   I met with my midwife this week.  This midwife will actually be my midwife for the duration of the rest of this pregnancy.  She did the usual checks and I got to hear babies heartbeat which was lovely.  I mentioned my concerns about babies size, and she said that she would keep a close eye on my tummy size which was reassuring.  I also mentioned that I had been feeling quite down on and off (which is annoying as I am really happy!!), and I had been quite snappy and not feeling myself (poor James!).  I actually started crying whilst I was there!  The midwife was really lovely and gave me a website to visit and complete a self referral for therapy of some sort.  I did complete the form, but I have actually felt a lot better since my appointment and speaking to her, so I think I will see how I go.

Looking forward to:  I have my leaving date for work finalised, and I will be leaving at Easter!  It is still a fair few weeks away but I am still looking forward to it!!

Has anyone else ever felt down during pregnancy?  Did it get better on its own?

Fashion Friday #2 [Isabelle]


I always try to stay away from dressing Isabelle in too much pink.  It is not that I dislike pink, I just think that there are so many wonderful clothes available in such lovely colours, so why restrict yourself to one colour?!

Today we went for a red and blue themed outfit.  Isabelle’s dress and tights are both from F&F at Tesco.  Her bow is from Amazon and her cardigan is from Gap.  You might notice that I like to put little bows on Isabelle.  I know that it is not to everyone’s taste, but I think she looks really cute and I am making the most of using them before she starts to pull them off!

What colours do you like to dress your baby in?