26 weeks pregnant [baby #2]


How far along: 26 weeks

Gender: We are team yellow, and already SO EXCITED to find out what baby will be!

Maternity clothes: Yes for all bottoms, but I can get away with loose fitting tops and PJ’s instead of maternity tops and pyjamas.

Sleep: Sleep is OK, but I am getting to that stage where I wake up every time I need to turn over as it takes so much effort!  I do have a ‘V’ shaped pillow which helps – I do not think I could sleep without it.  I also need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night almost every night which is annoying.

Best moment this week:  Spending a lovely day with my family and parents this weekend.  On Sunday we went to the park first thing (it was freezing), for a pub lunch and then relaxed in the afternoon – it was just a lovely day.

Movement:  I have felt some proper rolls this week, as opposed to kicks and punches.  Rolls feel so surreal, I love it!

Appointments:   I have not had any appointments this week, my next midwife appointment is my 28 week one.

Looking forward to:  Ordering some baby things!  We have not bought anything really, so I think the time has come.  As I mentioned in my Things to Buy post we have a lot of things already, but some new bits would be really nice!  I think I am going to get some of the Gro-Snugs from GroBag as they look really good, a  grobag and a swaddle in one!

Have you tried the gro-snugs? Do you rate them?


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