25 weeks pregnant [baby #2]


How far along: 25 weeks

Gender: We are team yellow!

Maternity clothes: Yes for all bottoms, but I can get away with loose fitting tops instead of maternity tops.

Sleep: Sleep is OK, I just wish that I felt refreshed after sleep.  Even when I have had a good nights sleep, I wake up tired!  I have also developed a bit of a cold which means a stuffy nose and struggling to breathe when I am lying down.

Best moment this week:  Isabelle attended her first birthday party on Saturday, for a little girl that she goes to nursery with.  It was so cute!  Whilst all of the children were playing and making lots of noise, bump was kicking away – trying to join in!  It made me really happy to think that baby can still join in with things even though they have not been born yet!

Movement:  Movement has been a little bit random this week.  Some days baby will be moving lots, whilst other days I have to really concentrate to feel them.  I do think that the days when I do not feel baby move as much correspond to my busy days when I am constantly on the go so I am trying not to stress about it too much.

Appointments:   I met with my midwife this week.  This midwife will actually be my midwife for the duration of the rest of this pregnancy.  She did the usual checks and I got to hear babies heartbeat which was lovely.  I mentioned my concerns about babies size, and she said that she would keep a close eye on my tummy size which was reassuring.  I also mentioned that I had been feeling quite down on and off (which is annoying as I am really happy!!), and I had been quite snappy and not feeling myself (poor James!).  I actually started crying whilst I was there!  The midwife was really lovely and gave me a website to visit and complete a self referral for therapy of some sort.  I did complete the form, but I have actually felt a lot better since my appointment and speaking to her, so I think I will see how I go.

Looking forward to:  I have my leaving date for work finalised, and I will be leaving at Easter!  It is still a fair few weeks away but I am still looking forward to it!!

Has anyone else ever felt down during pregnancy?  Did it get better on its own?


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