Where has the time gone?!


Life took over! I haven’t written a post for about 8 months, I was busy being a Mummy, returning to work aaaaaand getting pregnant again!! Yep, Baby #2 is due in May 2016 and we couldn’t be more excited to add to our little family.

Isabelle is now 16 months and the absolute LOVE OF MY LIFE! I am absolutely obsessed with her and her cute little ways.  I will do a separate post on her 16th month update shortly.  I think I will also start to do some pregnancy update posts as it would be nice to have a record of this amazing time in my life.

I have been back to work since mid November and I am quite enjoying it.  It is nice to have some time to myself, being me, and not a Mummy (not to say that I don’t miss Isabelle, of course I do).  All being well I should be back on maternity leave in a couple of months, preparing for baby #2’s arrival.  We opted not to find out the sex of this baby (same as with Belle) which, I think, makes it all the more exciting!!



3 thoughts on “Where has the time gone?!

    • Hi mummymoose! Yes it is so exciting, but daunting at the same time!! Do you have any tips for surviving the first few weeks/months with two children? It was hard enough with one!! xx

      • Surviving is definitely a good word.i definitely feel like i am just about surviving. Its not been easy but it also hasn’t been as hard as i thought. I just really try to make some time for my eldest and make her feel involved. When its feeding or nap time for little one (she will only nap on me eeek) i try to make sure the eldest has a snack and something to keep herself entertained. Ive found rather than worrying about routines this time round i have definitely had to take the go with the flow approach. Ul b fiiine 😊

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